witchwife (witchwife) wrote,

LJ Idol Season 10

It's a dark & dreary night.  One of my room mates is trying to teach herself the accordian in the living room while another tries to sing along in Yiddish.  I don't think what he's singing is actually Yiddish at all.  I've locked myself in my room.*

On top of this, I left my book at work - the same book that motivated me through a day filled with statistics and spreadsheets and everything else that I'm not actually good at, but am pretending are my raison d'être (uh. plural, I guess), because, well, money.**  So no escaping into a world of magic and dragons for me. At least not tonight.  ...It's all just accordians and storm clouds from here on out.

However, looking on the bright side,*** LJ Idol Season 10 has arrived and with all of the above in mind .. I figured I should probably sign up.  Again.

(Honestly, I'm actually very excited for this and can't wait to get started!)

Looking forward to experiencing the insanity with everyone again!


* My door doesn't have a lock on it so I guess I should have said, "I've walked into my room and shut the door in hopes that nobody decides to serenade me with Yiddish love songs or out of tune accordian ballads."

** Reason #1 not to lie in job interviews - if you get the job, you will have to follow through on every thing you said about yourself.  I'm now a well organized a-type personality who loves graphs and accountability.

*** The only 'bright side' in Vancouver nearing winter happens to be the soothing glow of a computer screen burning into your retinas, which works out just fine in this case.
Tags: lj idol, ljidol, writing
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