witchwife (witchwife) wrote,

LJ Idol: Yes, Anastasia, Creeping Meatballism

Photograph of my Sister in the Garden

In a nightgown with an outstretched net

Running barefoot in the grass

Trying to capture white butterflies

Like Alice through the looking glass.

The hope the picture holds
Was with her, and is with her still:
My sister, now grown;
Now a rose with a sharpened will.

The nightgown my sister wore
Serves as a steadfast reminder;
I have no thing I treasure more:
It reminds me of her power.

Oh, to dream strongly and

still run rosy through flowers

This thing she takes with her now!—
That tenacity will serve her well,

As she leaves this garden

Farewell, farewell.

Tags: ljidol
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